Unplanned Baby Check-Up

Today is my 37 week appointment, but 2 days ago on Sunday I went in for a very unplanned check-up. It began Saturday afternoon when I didn’t notice much movement from baby. Saturday night I really tried to get him to do his usual movement routine (aka preparing for the Olympics). I couldn’t get him to move at all. I tried not to panic, and I decided to try to get some rest. Sunday morning, though, I went back to trying to get him to show off his flips, kicks, and jabs. After waiting (not so patiently), for him to do something, anything, he did a little movement, but nothing like his normal.

I spent from the time I woke up until around 2 pm just trying to get him to move and counting movements. As each minute passed, I felt more and more compelled to call the doctor. On the other hand, I was telling myself, don’t panic – everything is fine. After not feeling any movement for 2 hours, I decided to call the doctor. Since they were closed, I had to leave a message, but they returned my call after a few minutes. The nurse advised me to come in so they could monitor the baby. While that made me go into a whole other world of panic, it also was very relieving.

Once we got to the hospital, the admitted me immediately and hooked me up to the monitors. Also, I can’t forget to mention the beautiful hospital gown they made me change into. For some reason, that gown made me feel like I was going to leave the hospital with a baby in hand.

Immediately upon getting hooked up, the nurse told me the baby had a strong heart beat and everything was okay. And of course, as soon as I got hooked up, baby started up with his normal movements. The only thing I felt was relief and happiness.

After about 20 minutes, baby’s heartbeat made a tiny dip (it only last for about 2 seconds), but nonetheless, the doctor wanted me to stay for a few hours to see if it dropped again. I believe the drop was actually baby doing a flip or roll away from the monitor. The doctor said that the drop could have been baby rolling onto the umbilical cord for a second. Based on that, I asked for an ultrasound. The nurse said that there wasn’t a need for an ultrasound – everything was perfectly normal. Still, I wanted one. If for no other reason than just loving to look at my baby. So, I laid there for about an hour and a half on a bed too short (my feet hung off the end).

Next thing I knew the nurse was rolling in a machine, which immediately made me nervous. Luckily, the doctor ordered an ultrasound just for safety measures. I was so happy! Everything looked great on the ultrasound. He had grown so much from the last ultrasound we had. And the best news of all – he is confirmed head down!

We got to watch him open his eyes several times, which made my heart melt. He also had the hiccups, which I could feel without the ultrasound, but we actually got to see his chest go up and down with each hiccup. It was so special.

Come on baby! We’re ready for you.

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